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Text Box: SCdogs were invited to be a part of the day the teachers, staff and students returned to Townville Elementary School after the horrible shooting which took place. They were there to greet them with lots of hugs and love. The day was a success with SCDogs being represented by 20 dogs and handlers.  It was a blessing to be able to help make something so scary a little less stressful.
This from one of our SCdog volunteers: “It was a very intense, tiring day, but I really think the dogs helped.  I had a volunteer, who was on the bus this morning, tell me ‘the kids were really nervous and scared when they pulled up to the school.  Then they saw the dogs and could not wait to get inside to interact with them.’  We saw lots of brave little boys & girls. Not to mention the staff and teachers.  It was such a tragic event, but has pulled the entire community together.  Hopefully this is something we will never have to do again, but feeling blessed to be a part of the healing process. Townville Strong!!