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Who are SCDogs and What Do We Do?


SCDogs Therapy Group, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with over 40 human volunteers and their wide variety of pets. Our animals include rabbits and cats, as well as dogs. Volunteer teams participate in animal-assisted activities (meet and greet activities, animal-assisted education, speaking to schools, community organizations), and many community events such as fairs and parades. Animal-assisted therapy, such as, goal-directed therapeutic interventions, is another area our teams participate in. We visit nursing and assisted living homes, hospitals, mental health facilities, schools, Hospice, and many more. We are currently looking for more volunteers and their pets to help us keep up with the incredible demand. We have a waiting list of facilities requesting our services and we need you to help us meet that growing need.


What's so special about the SCDogs Therapy Group, Inc.?


Our all-volunteer teams are trained, tested, registered, and insured.